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1. Q: What exactly is IndieWise and how does it work?
A: IndieWise is a Virtual Online On-going Festival platform that allows participants to get objective feedback and win virtual awards based on reviews from other filmmakers and critics.
See the IndieWise Tutorial to Understand How it Works
2. Q:What if I’m currently involved in another Film Festival and restrictions keep me from having my project public or online?
A: We definitely understand and we have a number of options & alternatives for you. Yes, you may participate with a trailer (however bear in mind with a trailer there is a limitation on the awards which you may be nominated for) You may also upload your project and keep it as unlisted until you are ready to make it public. As unlisted, the project still has a shareable link where you have full power over who gets to view it (just like Youtube’s “Unlisted” option). Bear in mind that an Unlisted project is not eligible to win awards, so when you’re ready to list it for opportunity to win our awards, just make it public!
3. Q: Why do I have to upload my own project to IndieWise?
A: The reason you upload your own project, is because we, the IndieWise Team would certainly not take the liberty to upload your project to our website without your express permission. We understand that perhaps you may not wish for your project to be online at this time, due to involvement in other festivals/distribution, etc. To avoid any misunderstandings, we leave it up to you, to upload your project.
4. Q: I have signed up and uploaded my project to IndieWise. What now?
A: We highly encourage you to share the IndieWise link for your project or trailer on via Social Media, and encourage people to support and vote for your project. Also, take the time to critique other projects as well, so that we build a healthy community together.
5. Q: When/Where will the winners be announced?
A: Winners will be announced at the end of the month, each month on the IndieWise Website at this link below, as well as via email and IndieWise Social Media
Note: In addition to announcing everyone who has won an IndieWise Virtual Award during the month (eg. Best Director, Actor, etc.), here are the various categories where you may compete:
  • Top 3 Trending (Based on Number of Reactions)
  • Top 3 Highest Rated (Based on IndieWise Average and Number of Critiques)
  • Top 3 Award-Winning (Based on Number of Award Wins)
6. Q: How may I get more exposure, reactions, and critiques on IndieWise?
A: The most common way is to share on social media and request support and feedback on your project. Like with any festival, the goal is to be loud and confident about your project and tell everyone about the fine work you are doing!
If you are interested in the Featured Listings on our homepage, kindly email:
7. Q: Can I critique my own projects? Or can I create another account and USE THAT to critique my project :)?
A: In both instances the answer is no. We want to provide a space for authentic feedback and reduce, as much as possible, the amount of bias.
8. Q: Can my amazing and incredibly enthusiastic support and fan base create multiple accounts to nominate my projects and show my projects some love?
A: That too is still a no. All users must have one single account.
9. Q: Is there an Upload limit? Will there be options for increase upload limits in the future?
A: At this time we have a 3-Upload-Limit per person. However, we plan to implement an Additional Uploads feature in the near future, so stay posted for updates and announcements! And no, you cannot create another account to upload’re persistent huh? :)
10. Q: How do I edit my project details (thumbnail, description, etc.)?
  • Go to Your Profile
  • Click Videos
  • Click Edit
11. Q: How do I delete a project?
  • Go to Your Profile
  • Click Videos
  • Click Delete
12. Q: Can I privately upload my project, so that only people with whom I share the link, can see it (just like Youtube’s Unlist option)?
A: Yes, on the Upload Page, choose the “Unlist” option near bottom of form (bear in mind if you wish to make your project public again, you may do so. Please see Item #10)
13. Q: What if I just want exposure for my project, but don’t wish to receive any critiques?
A: No problem. On the Upload Page, choose the “Disable Critiques” option near the bottom of the form
14. Q: I’ve uploaded my 3 projects! If I delete one, could I add another in it’s place?
A: Yes Indeed!
15. Q: Will my film play at the August 2017 Convention in Miami, FL
A: Our Internal Jury will go through the IndieWise website periodically and observe films which they feel stand out. They will make selections as to which films they feel should screen. Announcements will be made in the early part of 2017
16. Q: What Inspired IndieWise?
A: IndieWise is passionately and proudly of the Indie Filmmaker, by the Indie Filmmaker, for the Indie Filmmaker. The goal is to empower filmmakers and allow them to have a voice. As the Founder & President of the #1 Best Reviewed and IMDb Accredited Widescreen Film & Music Video Festival in Miami, FL, I realized that so many filmmakers were being rejected from festivals without getting the feedback that they needed, in order to grow and thrive. Not to mention the many filmmakers who simply could not afford submission fees, but still had a desire for exposure of their work. IndieWise is the answer! It is a free product and we allow filmmakers to get the exposure, empowerment, and feedback.
- Jarrod A Knowles
17. Q: DC or Marvel?
A: We’re not touching that one...but one of us here takes it way too seriously and is standing over my shoulder as I write this…
About IndieWise
The purpose of IndieWise is to allow for an open platform of Independent Filmmakers, Artists, and Art Lovers, who seek Objective Feedback on their work from peers, and wish to also participate in providing feedback and judging other projects or works.
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